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Funeral Services & Pre-Planning

Funeral Consumers Alliance - 941-953-3740

Jennings Funeral Home and Crematory - 941-926-2223

Sound Choice Cremation & Burials, Sandy Lange -  - 941-400-4779

Health & Wellness

The Muscle Repair Shop – 941-366-3666

X 30 Fit 4. L.I.F.E - 941-932-4440

MediCarr - 941-275-2277


Medical Equipment

Stack Labs Inc 941-400-0548

Pallative Care

Tidewell Hospice – 941-552-7500

Pharmacies & Prescription Services

Healthcite Pharmacy - 941-312-2777

Private Nurses & Companions

Coastal Care - 941-549-8085

Professional Services/ Accounting

Carousel Personal Assistant & Accounting, LLC – 941-720-6258

ETM Services - 1-800-278-7772

Professional Services/Appraisals & Evaluations

Bryan H. Roberts Appraisal Services - 941-376-3714   

Professional Services/Consulting

Cornerstone Lifecare LLC - 941-809-7298   

A Friend Indeed Services - 941-724-0975 

George Schofield, Ph.D – 941-388-8108

Professional Services/Financial

Alkire Financial Advisory Inc. - 941-922-2852

Banker Life - 941-371-7141

BBF Capital Advisors, LLC - 941-330-4254

Edward Jones – Ken Garcia – 941-302-4916

Modern Wealth – 941-251-0510

Reverse Mortgage Advisors – 941-483-0610

Professional Services/Guardian

Matthew Bongart 941-915-5877

Professional Services/Historian

Your Living Memories, LLC - 941-544-2359 

 Professional Services/Home Services

Happy House Service Company – 888-364-0059 x103

Professional Services/Insurance

Atlas Insurances - 941-366-8424

Bankers Life -  941-702-7057

First Benefits Group - 941-361-3057

Freedom Health – 941-243-1876

InsuranceHub – 941-321-7169

Professional Services/Information Technology

G Seniors Technology - 813-418-6605


Benefits of SCAN Membership

Being a member of the Sarasota County Aging Network has more than its fair share of benefits. If you join our coalition in Sarasota, FL, then you can look forward to these membership privileges.

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  • Referrals: Get valuable referrals through our networking events.
  • Marketing Visibility: Increase your visibility during meetings and through sponsored directory articles.
  • Social Media: Post events and other announcements on the SCAN Facebook page.
  • Special Events: Have fun with colleagues and build important business relationships! Our events include the annual SCAN LeBarge trip and the annual SCAN holiday party.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Put a spotlight on your organization by sponsoring our special events or SCAN breakfast meetings.

Enjoy the privileges that come with being a part of our network. Fill out the form if you are interested in becoming a member.